Can I replace metal fuel lines with rubber?

Can I replace metal fuel lines with rubber?

You certainly have the ability to do so. All you need is some standard hose, because the 85 was either CFI, which used very little pressure (13-15 psi if I recall right), or carbed, which is around 4 psi but no pressure before the pump... Simply get a flare tool set. Flair the ends and secure them with hose clamps. Now fill your fuel tank with gas and drive around for a few days. When you start seeing cracks at the flared end, then you can remove the clamps and take off down the road.

I would recommend this system for someone who takes good care of their cars and doesn't expect to drive more than 500 miles between changes. If you do plan on going farther than that, then I would recommend getting metal fuel lines instead.

Can I use a rubber hose for the fuel line?

Yes, however there are some dangers and risks associated with utilizing rubber gasoline lines. When hose fittings are not used, sealing becomes an issue. Simply placing the hose over the steel tube invites leaks. They are frequently invisible. The best way to prevent leakage is to install proper fitting connectors at both ends of the hose. These can be bought cheaply or made by using a screwdriver and some wire cutters.

The other danger is that if the hose is exposed to heat (from an engine fire for example) it will melt, allowing gasoline to leak out. This is called "spillage". Hoses should always be protected from heat exposure. That means keeping them out of the path of any burning objects or redirecting their course if they are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.

Rubber hoses deteriorate over time and require replacement. They may look fine but internal layers of rubber can break down causing gasoline to leak out. This problem can be avoided by replacing old hoses before they fail.

Finally, rubber hoses don't work well with radio control vehicles because they won't transmit signals through them properly.

Can you mix flexible fuel with regular fuel?

Can I use flex fuel in conjunction with conventional gas? Your E85 flex fuel car may run on E85, E15, E10, conventional non-ethanol gas, or any mix of these fuels. Half a tank of E85 and half a tank of E15, for example, equals E50. The only rule is that you can't have more than 10% ethanol in your fuel.

As long as you don't add extra ethanol to boost the amount above 10%, you can combine any types of fuel. Extra ethanol can cause your engine to malfunction by removing important components from the ignition system or fuel delivery system. It can also cause your engine to run poorly if you're using a hybrid system. Flex fuel means freedom from one type of fuel. If you want to be free from ethanol, then use flex fuel.

Can I replace the fuel pump with a full tank?

You can do it whenever you want. Mine took less than a quarter of a tank, yet the gas fumes were still innuding. It is better to do this while the fuel light illuminates. While installing the doors, make sure to leave all of them open. This will allow any odor to escape while keeping all of the components dry.

Also, make sure that there are no children or pets around when you start the engine. They should never be left alone in a car unless the mechanic has checked everything out and confirmed that it is safe for someone to be inside.

Finally, keep in mind that replacing the fuel pump does not void your warranty. So if your car happens to break down before the warranty expires, you can get it fixed by any reputable repair shop at their discretion.

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