Can I return a dead fish to Petco?

Can I return a dead fish to Petco?

If you lose any marine fish, freshwater fish, or invertebrates purchased online at within 30 days of delivery, please call Customer Service at 1-877-222-6666. Live fish and invertebrates are not permitted to be returned to any Petco or Unleashed by Petco location. The customer service representative will explain your options for returning the animal.

Fish are sensitive to environmental conditions; if they die during shipping, store them in an upright position with the head covered to preserve their body heat. Do not put dead fish in water, as this could cause them to stink up your house.

Petco offers a $10 voucher with each dead fish that is returned to us. This voucher can be used toward the purchase of any aquarium product on the Petco website or in any Petco store.

Dead fish should be returned to Petco immediately after discovery. Be sure to include your name, phone number, and email address so we can contact you if we have any questions about your return.

Here's what you'll need to bring to the counter:

• Your receipt or proof of purchase

• The name of the item you're returning (fish are always returned as fish)

• The date you made the purchase or received the fish

Can I return my dead fish to PetSmart?

PetSmart also accepts returns for deceased fish. Bring the deceased fish to the PetSmart store with you, just like any other fish or animal you're returning. Most individuals will find it comforting that PetSmart will not inquire about the deceased fish. However, some stores may have questions about why you are returning them so be sure to bring this information up with a manager before you head home.

Can I order fish from Petco?

They provide the greatest possible shopping experience for freshwater and pond fish, marine fish, corals, live rock, crustaceans, and live plants. Don't forget that you may still find real fish and other items at our Petco stores. Some locations also carry bird merchandise.

Does PetSmart take unwanted fish?

Most local fish stores (LFS) will take them as payment in advance. They will also accept contributions. However, Petsmart would not accept them. Surrendering your fish to a pet store, donating your fish, or rehoming your fish through Craigslist or Facebook are the three greatest alternatives for getting rid of unwanted pet fish.

What pet stores will take fish?

There are several options for surrendering, donating, giving away, or rehoming an unwanted pet fish. Fish can be returned to Petco, Pet World Warehouse Outlet, and Pet Supermarket. You may donate the fish to a doctor's office or a school, or you can sell it on Craigslist or Facebook. The money from selling fish can be used to offset the cost of aquariums, food, water, and other items associated with keeping them.

The best place to look for information about pet stores that take fish is in your local phone book under "Animal Shelters." There you will find a list of organizations that adopt out animals according to species and geographic location. Some shelters may have special requirements for certain types of animals so check each one's website or call to learn more.

Fish are a unique animal needing specialized care. They require clean, fresh water to drink and live in temperatures between 64 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important not to expose fish to high temperatures or low temperatures alone because these can be fatal in extreme cases. Fish also need air holes in their tanks to stay oxygenated; this can only be done by using an automatic filter that can be purchased at any aquarium shop. Fish also need to eat regularly and avoid overfeeding because they can become obese if they eat too much.

Fish are very sensitive to noise and movement. This is why it is important to keep pets inside during thunderstorms or when there is a tornado warning in their area.

How often does Petco get new fish?

When does Petco replenish their fish supply? Unfortunately, there is no consistent supply schedule for all Petco locations around the country. Some retailers receive their supplies on Wednesday, while others receive them on Friday. However, it also relies on the exact fish, such as whether it is in stock and in good condition. Sometimes they will order more fish if they see that some are going bad due to being out of stock.

How do you make sure you get fresh fish? The best way to ensure you are getting live fish is to go during a store opening or closing. If someone is working behind the counter then there should be a sign explaining when the next delivery will be. You can also call and find out what time their next shipment will be arriving at a particular location.

Some stores may have a different fish selection than others. If this is the case, look around until you find something you like the sound of! There are plenty of coolers filled with water inside so you can see what's available before you buy it.

Some stores may have exclusive deals with certain fish vendors. If this is the case, you may want to check with other locations to see if they have the same deal. This could help save you money!

Fish sales can be tricky because they need special care. If you get a fish that isn't healthy, you won't be able to use it after you buy it.

Can you surrender fish to Petsmart?

You could try calling before you go to see if they have any openings, but usually there is a line and it's difficult to say how long it might take.

Your best option is to find a LFS that does accept animals as payment in advance and bring your own bag for collecting donations. Some places will provide bags for free while others may charge a small fee. That way you know you're getting money out of the situation rather than giving stuff away for free.

Fish are worth a lot more than cash so if you can't pay with something else then you'll need to come up with another way to show support. A donation page on Facebook or Twitter may help spread the word about your cause. People like to feel like they're helping even if it's just one animal so this is a good way to get people involved without them knowing anything else other than your goal is to save fish!

Do some research online to see what type of contribution rate there is at different LFSes before you go somewhere to pick up a bag. Then you'll know what kind of money you should be trying to save up.

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