How much does toilet paper cost?

How much does toilet paper cost?

Every month, the average American consumes roughly $10 worth of toilet paper. Every day, we use 8–9 sheets of toilet paper when we go to the bathroom, for a total of 57 sheets every day! You use 11 rolls every month at a cost of roughly $0.84 per roll and 150 sheets. That's about 2% of our monthly toilet paper budget!

The typical household uses 50000 sheets of toilet paper a year, which is equivalent to about 25 years' worth of newspaper. To put this number in perspective, it takes about 3000000 sheets of paper to make a single-sided copy of the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

So next time you're stuck without any money to buy food, remember that the cost of one sheet of toilet paper can be more than what you would spend on groceries.

In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), people use about 35000 gallons of water daily just to wash their toilets. That's more than most people think!

And if you add up the amounts of soap needed to clean your toilet weekly with a product like Soft Scrubber, you'll end up using more water than if you just used regular soap and a brush.

How many sheets of toilet paper should I use?

Individual Toilet Paper Use: An average of 57 sheets of toilet paper are used every day, with 8.6 sheets used per trip to the bathroom. The average person uses roughly 20,000 sheets of toilet paper every year (or about 100 rolls).

In case you were wondering, here is how much toilet paper costs at Walmart and Target: A 4-pack of tissue for $1.50 and a 12-pack of large squares for $18. These prices were found online on April 5, 2019.

How much toilet paper is used annually?

Every person consumes around 50 pounds of toilet paper every year! That's a lot of toilet paper!

The world production of toilet paper is now around 70 billion sheets per year. That's almost half of what people use! And it's estimated that by 2050, there will be no more land available for farming to grow more timber for making more TP.

Toilet paper is a highly consumed product. People around the world consume about 200 million tons of it each year! That's equal to about eight stacks of TP taller than me!

To put this in perspective, an average person lives about 30 years and uses up to 20,000 sheets of toilet paper during those years. In just one lifetime, people use up to 100 times their own weight in toilet paper!

In America alone, about 7 million trees are cut down to make toilet paper. That's about 10 football fields chopped down every minute!

About 5% of tree species are used for toilet paper. That means you're killing off valuable ecosystems while wiping your ass!

On average, people around the world use about 20,000 sheets of toilet paper every year.

Is Dollar Tree toilet paper a good deal?

Toilet tissue Don't squander your cash on dollar store toilet paper. Four rolls of toilet paper for $1 may appear to be a steal, but the inexpensive dollar store brands only offer 150 to 250 sheets each roll. Furthermore, it is simple to discover coupons for name-brand toilet paper. You can get 3-4 rolls of conventional bathroom paper for $1 or less with coupons.

Dollar Tree also sells premium toilet paper at affordable prices. And because these are name-brand products, they tend to last longer too. The cheapest option is Scott's Premium Tissue at $1.29 for a 25-pack. Next is Tom's Premium Tissue at $1.49 for a 30-pack and finally Cottonelle Classic White at $1.69 for a 40-pack. These prices don't include shipping and handling charges which usually range from $0.5 to $1.50.

Name-brand toilet paper is not only affordable, it is also rated higher on quality than its generic counterparts.

Scott's, Tom's, and Cottonelle all make excellent product that you won't find cheaper anywhere else. In fact, many people prefer these premium brands to more expensive options like Colgate and Ivory.

The key difference between premium and cheap toilet paper is quality. Premium brands are made with better fibers that are softer and last longer.

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