Is July 3 a holiday?

Is July 3 a holiday?

The Fourth of July is a federal holiday. If July 4 falls on a Saturday, the holiday will be honored on Friday, July 3. If it falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on Monday, July 5.

July 3 has been a public holiday since 1837. It was originally called "Independence Day." The name was changed in 1777 to avoid offending those who were celebrating other independence days around the world at that time.

It's celebrated by many things including fireworks, parades, and more. But most of all, it's about having freedom and being able to do whatever you want without worrying about laws coming after you. This idea of freedom is what makes people all over the world celebrate America's Independence Day.

There are several theories as to why Congress passed the Holiday Act of 1837. One theory is that it gave presidents of the time (William Henry Harrison and John Quincy Adams) a day off from politics. Another theory is that it allowed farmers to take their crops to market on the third day of the month, which at that time was the only day when commerce could legally operate.

All over the country, cities hold festivals or parades to celebrate America's Independence Day.

Is the Fourth of July always on a Thursday?

Independence Day, usually known as the Fourth of July or simply July 4th, is a federal holiday in the United States... Days That July 4th Fall On

YearDays That July 4th Will Fall On
2023Tuesday, July 4
2024Thursday, July 4
2025Friday, July 4
2026Saturday, July 4 (observed Friday, July 3)

Is July 4th only an American holiday?

Independence Day (also known as the Fourth of July) is a federal holiday in the United States honoring the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The Fourth of July (United States)

Independence Day
SignificanceThe day in 1776 that the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress

When did July 4 become a holiday?

The Fourth of July had become the most important secular celebration on the calendar by the 1870s. On June 28, 1870, Congress approved legislation designating July 4th as a federal holiday. The day was chosen because it was the day in 1776 when the United States declared its independence from Great Britain.

The first national celebrations took place that year in Philadelphia and included speeches from President Grant and Senator Henry Clay. These events were followed by similar ceremonies in other cities across the country. In 1872, the fourth anniversary of the end of the Civil War, thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C., to celebrate with military displays and speeches. As more states joined the union, including those populated primarily by farmers who could not take time off from work, the number of participants in these events grew.

By the late 19th century, the holiday had become so important that banks were closed, trains were canceled, and factories shut their doors.

The tradition of fireworks on the Fourth of July dates back at least as early as 1607, but they weren't until much later that they became an essential part of the holiday. It was not until the mid-18th century that the invention of the firecracker put on display the modern concept of celebrating with loud noises to honor America's heroes and commemorate her victories.

Is July 3rd, 2020 a federal holiday?

The day before the traditional July 4 celebration of Independence Day, July 3, 2020, is a federal holiday. Many government buildings and businesses will be closed. The evening before cannot be used as an excuse not to go to work.

July 3 falls on a Saturday this year. All federal offices are closed, and most private businesses follow suit. It's a good idea to plan ahead if you need to take time off from work.

There is no such thing as an "optional" federal holiday. Each year all federal employees are required to take at least one day off - usually taken together during the first full week of July. If you don't take your vacation day, you won't get paid for it.

The only exception is if you work in a military facility or for a defense contractor. In which case, you must attend duty hours even if the office is closed.

Federal holidays include: January 1st, Washington's birthday; March 4th, Abraham Lincoln's birthday; April 19th, Passover; May 30th, Memorial Day; July 4th, Independence Day; September 7th, Labor Day; November 22nd, Veterans' Day; December 25th, Christmas.

What does July 4th really mean?

The Fourth of July is the day we celebrate the founding of our nation and it's a national holiday in the United States. The holiday is also known as Independence Day because on this day in 1776, the Continental Congress voted to declare independence from Britain. As part of their new government, the colonies created the United States of America.

There are many theories about why the Founding Fathers decided to declare independence on the Fourth of July. Some scholars believe that they chose this date because it was the only day during the year that the British Parliament was not sitting. Others say they wanted to start a new society with no historical ties to the old one so that there could be no confusion about whether they were still subjects or citizens of England. Still others point out that it was probably done alphabetically since September 17th was then known as "Seventh Month" and the 25th was the first day of summer after all!

Whatever the reason, today we recognize this important day in our history and give thanks for the freedoms we have that others don't.

The Declaration of Independence is considered by many to be the birth certificate of the United States.

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