Is there a way to find out who my grandfather was?

Is there a way to find out who my grandfather was?

You don't have to live your life wishing to learn about your unexplored past. The moment has come to find out who your granddad is. Allow us to assist you in determining what makes you... you. Here's one of the numerous situations we've been able to solve to demonstrate how we've benefited our clients.

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you log on to and perform a new search for information about your family tree. You will be amazed at how much information is available about your ancestors, particularly if they lived near any of the more than 5 million family trees collected by FamilySearch.

Once you have identified your ancestor, check the census records. They may help you identify their residence, age, birth place, marriage details, and even some occupations.

Marriage certificates can provide additional information about your ancestor's spouse. If your ancestor was married more than once, examine all relevant documents to determine which one is the original marriage license. The old licenses are located with other county records while the divorce decrees are filed with the state court system. A death certificate can also provide valuable information about an deceased person. Search the online database to discover things such as age, date of death, cause of death, names of survivors, and even photographs of the scene of the accident or crime where applicable.

Cemeteries are excellent resources for learning more about your ancestors.

Why do I admire my grandfather?

I appreciate my grandfather because he impacted my life and instilled in me my essential principles. He provided me the strength and bravery I needed to confront the terrible problems I face. He has taught me the value of assisting others and making sacrifices for others. He has served as both a guidance and an inspiration to me. Although he was not a professional man, he managed to hold down a job while helping my grandmother raise us up right. Even though he had little formal education, he understood that learning is vital and encouraged me to read great books and articles. Most of all, I admire him for being there for my mother and father even though they were often sick with no insurance or savings to pay for medical bills.

In conclusion, I admire my grandfather because he demonstrated through his actions that one can contribute greatly to their community and still remain humble. He never felt proud of himself but instead felt only regret at how short a time he had on this earth. He worked hard all his life, helped others when they were in need and died peacefully in his sleep without suffering from any illness. That is what I will try to follow in my own life - work hard, help others and die peacefully too.

Who is your grandmother's grandfather?

Your grandmother or grandfather's father is your great-grandfather. Therefore, your grandmother's grandfather is her great-grandfather.

How can I find out my great-grandparents' names?

How to Discover Your Great-Grandparents' Names

  1. First, make a list of your parents’ and grandparents’ names (including maiden names), their birthdates and birthplaces, and where and when they got married.
  2. Starting a Findmypast family tree is the best way to continue your family history journey.

What is the plural of grandfather?

Grandfathers are a group of people who have the same grandparent or ancestors. There are two ways to make more than one person's name grandfather: either by using each one's first name or all names beginning with the letter "G". Grandfathers share these names because they all have at least one great-grandparent in common.

Here are some other examples of grandparents: Granda, Pappy, Pop, and Uncle George are all names for the same person. Uncles and aunts are also called grandparents because they share part of their relative's name. Some names for relatives that don't share their last name are Nana, Nannerl, Noni, and Neena. They all mean grandmother.

In English-speaking countries there are very few names that are only used as surnames. The most common example is John Smith. You can tell that John is the surname of this person because it ends in "-son."

Can a DNA test find my grandfather?

Autosomal DNA testing can also be beneficial. In the absence of this, you, your siblings, and any other descendants of your great grandpa should be tested. Second cousins are especially important since the DNA you share originates from your common great grandfather, making it easier to locate your greatest matches. ADNA tests are usually more affordable than Y-chromosome tests, which can cost as much as $200 or more.

If you're not sure who your ancestors were, look them up on Wikipedia. It's free and contains lots of information about people in history.

Here are some sites that may help you research your family tree:

Family Tree Maker - this is a program you can download for free from They have tutorials that will help you get started with your own family tree. - this is an online genealogy site with resources for families who want to learn more about their ancestry. - this is another online genealogy site with many features designed to help users explore their family histories.

Pitney Bowes - if you're not familiar with them, they make mail-ordering services like Hallmark Cards. They also have a website called where you can upload your family photos and create a virtual scrapbook of your life story.

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