What causes the pilot light to go out on a boiler?

What causes the pilot light to go out on a boiler?

The pilot light usually goes out when there is an issue with the thermocouple. The thermocouple is the small copper rod that is struck by the pilot light. Common thermocouple issues include: Dirt/soot on the thermocouple: Any accumulation on the thermocouple might obstruct the flame and prevent it from heating correctly. This could lead to hot spots and damaged parts of the boiler.

Old Thermocouple: If the thermocouple is old or worn out, it won't transmit heat as well, which could cause the boiler to shut down.

Not Inserted: Make sure the thermocouple is inserted into the pilot lamp hole properly. If it's not in place, there will be no signal being sent to the controller, causing the boiler to shut itself off.

Too Far Apart: If the thermocouple is too far away from the pilot light, it won't get heated enough to send a signal back to the controller. The boiler will not come on at all under these conditions.

Broken Wire Connections: Any broken wire connections on the thermocouple may cause the pilot light to go out. This could be due to external forces breaking the connection between the thermocouple and the controller.

Loose Wires: If any of the wires connecting the thermocouple to the controller are loose, this could also cause the pilot light to go out.

Is it possible for a faulty thermocouple to prevent a pilot light from lighting?

Thermocouple failure However, if your thermocouple is damaged, dirty, or bent, it may incorrectly detect that your pilot light is turned off and shut down the gas flow to your system. Your pilot light will not stay illuminated if there is no gas supply. The only way to verify that your thermocouple is working properly is by using a multimeter. If less than 10 milliamps (0.1 amp) are reading on your meter when you check your thermocouple, it's malfunctioning and should be replaced.

What does it mean when your pilot light keeps going out?

Thermocouple Failure It is placed extremely close to the flame, and when ignited, the thermocouple signals the pilot light to keep the gas line open. A filthy or defective thermocouple will frequently cut off your gas supply inadvertently, causing the pilot light to go out and your furnace to cease working.

If you are using natural gas, make sure that you change your thermostat setting from "cool" to "heat" after it has cooled outside enough for comfort. This will cause your furnace to run again so that it can heat up your home once more. If you leave this setting unchanged, you will need to call a professional gas company to come out and fix it.

Clogged Gas Line Sometimes as you use your gas appliance, small particles of food will build up inside the valve assembly. This prevents any gas from flowing through the system, causing you to need to turn your pilot back on every time you use your stove or oven. To clear this blockage, simply remove the valve stem from the top of the tank and have a professional gas man clean out all the debris that's built up inside it. Be sure to replace the valve stem before putting the tank back together again.

Pilot Light Outlet An electrical outlet provides power to operate your pilot light. If there is no electricity reaching it, then the flame will go out too.

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