What happens to my mail after I move?

What happens to my mail after I move?

If you relocate without submitting a Change of Address (COA) request, your mail carrier will collect the accumulated mail and leave a note informing you that your mail is ready for pickup at the local post office. Any accumulated mail at your local post office will be automatically held for up to 10 calendar days. If for some reason you do not pick up your mail during this period, another letter will be mailed to you informing you that your mail has been returned to the postal service as undeliverable.

If you decide to use a different address for your permanent residence, the post office will attempt to deliver your mail to that address. However, if they cannot be delivered, they will be returned to the previous address within five business days. You must claim any undelivered mail by writing a note indicating what property it belongs to and where you can be reached if there are questions regarding its delivery. Mail that is not claimed within ten days may be sent back to the original address.

If you become incarcerated or hospitalized, you should notify your employer by completing an Employment Termination Declaration Form. Your employer will withhold employment taxes from your paycheck while you are out of work. They will also cancel your health insurance if you do not report your change of status to them. If you have dependent coverage through your employer's group plan, the same rules apply - report any changes in status to your employer so they can make the necessary updates to your plan documents.

When does mail stop coming to the previous address after a change of address?

USPS stops delivering mail to your prior address on the authorized Change of Address (COA) start date. You should expect mail to begin arriving at your new address within 7–10 postal business days of the COA start date. If you do not receive your mail during this time, contact the USPS customer service phone number provided in your confirmation email.

How long is mail forwarded after a change of address?

Twelve months A permanent change of address (COA) order allows for the "piece-by-piece" forwarding of predominantly First-Class Mail (r) service for 12 months and magazines for 60 days, but does not normally allow for the forwarding of USPS Marketing Mail (r) service or Package Services Mail. If you need your mail sent to another location, you must complete a new COA form for each mailing.

Forwarding addresses can be friends or relatives' places of employment or business, or any other location that receives Federal Postage Paid Mail. The person at the forwarder's office needs to have a COA on file before they will accept your mail for forwarding.

If you do not cancel your old address with the postmaster at the original mailing center and use an outdated COA form, your mail will be forward to its final destination after six months.

If you are changing your name, here's what you need to know: Changes of name require cancellation of old address with new address. Without this step, people will continue to receive mail to the old address even though you have changed your name. To cancel your old address with the postmaster, use the Change of Name Form. This form must be completed for each mailing house where you want your mail cancelled.

Mail received at a post office or other authorized mailing facility is presumed to be delivered to the addressee.

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