What special day is December 28?

What special day is December 28?

DAY OF THE HOLY INNOCENTS Every year on December 28th, Holy Innocents Day is honored. The day remembers the death of innocent male children in Bethlehem, as described in Matthew 2:16. It is believed that this happened during the reign of Herod the Great, who was king of Judea from 10 B.C. to 4 B.C.

In some countries, Holy Innocents Day is a public holiday. In others, it is only a religious observance. But whatever the case may be, it's a solemn occasion for remembering and honoring the sacrifice made by these little angels.

The term "Holy Innocent" refers to an infant boy born without sin because of Jesus' sacrifice. These boys were taken care of by nuns or monks in churches throughout Europe and North America. Sometimes they were abandoned rather than baptized, since they would not suffer from sin itself. However, there are also records of many infants who survived because people cared for them after their parents died with no one else available to take care of them.

Some scholars believe that the story of the Holy Innocents appears in the book of Luke instead of Matthew. Both chapters 2 and 3 of Luke record events that happened during the birth of Jesus, but each chapter uses different words when telling about the same incidents.

What feast day is on December 28?

Day of the Holy Innocents The Catholic Church considers them to be the first Christian martyrs, and their feast day, Holy Innocents' Day (or the Feast of the Holy Innocents), is observed on December 28th. It was established as a holiday by Pope Pius IX in 1854.

The Holy Innocents are two children who were allegedly murdered by Herod the Great after being named as candidates to replace the Baby Jesus in the Temple. Some historians believe that they are more likely to have been sacrificed at some other location and then brought to Jerusalem to be displayed in memory of the event.

Others believe that the story is a fabrication designed to explain why there was no birth of Christ recorded in the gospels. The date of their death has been variously estimated from 3 or 4 years old to seven months old. Although they may not have been actual infants, they did die young (the oldest documented case of human mortality was a three-year-old boy who died in Babylon in 539 BC).

Herod's actions provoked a protest from the Jewish leadership, which prompted him to have the leaders of the protest executed. This led to a conflict between Jews and Romans over who should rule Judea. In 29 AD Augustus Caesar designated Quirinius as the governor of Syria and ordered his subordinates in the East to organize a census of the entire Roman world.

What do we celebrate on December 28?

The Holy Innocents' Feast Childermas, also known as Innocents' Day, is a Christian feast commemorating King Herod the Great's killing of young children in Bethlehem in his effort to kill the newborn Jesus (Matthew 2:16-18). The date was established by Pope Sixtus III in 1588 and included in the Roman Calendar that year.

Herod's action was thought to have been done to fulfill a prophecy regarding the birth of Christ. However, some scholars believe that he may have actually intended to destroy all of the boys under two years old in an attempt to prevent Jesus from rising to power.

In today's Christmas card scenes, men are shown sitting together on the side away from the camera while women stand behind them. This reflects the social hierarchy of the day when the majority of people were involved in agricultural activities and didn't sit down until they got home from work. A man's status was indicated by the number of wives or servants he could afford. If he was rich, he would be able to afford more than one wife or servant.

Children's roles were also heavily influenced by their parents' class. Children of wealthy families often had many gifts given to them on this day. They might even receive coins as a gift! In contrast, children from poor families were likely to get fruits, vegetables, or small animals like rabbits or birds.

When does December 8 fall on a Sunday?

The Second Sunday of Advent is Sunday, December 8, 2019. The Immaculate Conception will be observed on Monday, December 9, 2019. It will not be an obligatory holy day. (Because it is a solemnity, the Glory to God and the Creed will remain part of the Mass.)

December 8 has been a Sunday in every year except 1918 and 1940.

A Sunday is any day other than Saturday or Thursday that falls within a month that contains at least five days. Thus, December 8 has always been a Sunday, but it was called a "Good Friday" in 1844 and 1865 because April 19, 1844 was also Good Friday. April 19, 1844 was the day before Jesus' crucifixion; therefore, he died on a Friday and was buried on a Friday, so his death fell on a Sunday (the first one) when it was discovered that he had resurrected from the dead. His resurrection was proof that God was with him and that he had conquered death. Therefore, the Catholic Church has always held Christ's resurrection on Sunday, which drew men to worship that day instead of waiting for them to go to church as they did on Friday.

Good Friday is the day before Easter Sunday. If Easter falls on a weekend, then Friday is considered a holiday and will not be counted as part of Good Friday.

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