Who was born on October 18th?

Who was born on October 18th?

Today's famous birthdays include Chuck Lorre, Esperanza Spalding, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lindsey Vonn, Martina Navratilova, Wynton Marsalis, Zac Efron, and more. Check out our IBM Famous Birthdays page for more information.

Whose birthday is October 18th?

"Famous Birthdays: October 18" Celebrities (241)

Jean-Claude Van Damme (*Oct 18, 1960)actor, director, scriptwriterBE
Zac Efron (*Oct 18, 1987)singer, actor, dancerUS
Chuck Berry (*Oct 18, 1926)singer, guitaristUS
Laura Nyro (*Oct 18, 1947)musician, singerUS
Ne-Yo (*Oct 18, 1982)singer, actor, dancerUS

Who was born on this day in history?

Today's Celebrities

  • Hugo Grotius. Sunday, April 10, 1583. Fame Meter (29/100)
  • Theodosius II. Tuesday, April 10, 401. Fame Meter (25/100)
  • James V of Scotland. Wednesday, April 10, 1512. Fame Meter (19/100)
  • Babyface (musician) Friday, April 10, 1959.
  • Steven Seagal. Thursday, April 10, 1952.
  • Joseph Pulitzer. Saturday, April 10, 1847.

Who was born in 9?

Celebrities-"September 9th Famous Birthdays" (261),

Hugh Grant (*Sep 9, 1960)actorGB
Michael Bublé (*Sep 9, 1975)actor, singerCA
Otis Redding (*Sep 9, 1941)singerUS
Lúcia Moniz (*Sep 9, 1976)actress, singerPT
Ai Ōtsuka (*Sep 9, 1982)singerJP

Who was born on October 16th?

Birthday greetings to Tim Robbins, Kellie Martin, and all the other celebs who celebrate their birthdays today. More prominent persons becoming a year older on October 16th may be seen in our slideshow below. Peter Bowles, an actor, is 82 years old. Tony Anthony, an actor and producer, is 81 years old. Paul Stanley, an American professional wrestler and actor, is 80 years old. Sylvester Stallone, an American film director, screenwriter, and producer, is 79 years old.

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The story of today's birthday person is as follows: Peter John Bowles was born on October 16th, 1944 in Los Angeles, California. He is an American actor known for his role as Teddy Daniels in the 1980s film series The Final Chapter. He has been married to actress Karen Allen since 1975 and they have two children together: Aaron James Bowles (born January 26th, 1977) and Alexandra Brooke Bowles (born August 4th, 1979).

After graduating from Hollywood High School in 1962, he began acting in local TV shows before being chosen for a role in the Broadway play A Minor Adjustment.

What president was born on January 17th?

Benjamin Franklin is the most historically notable person born on this day. The first four U.S. presidents were born on February 11th, and Martin Van Buren was born on January 17th.

The next day will bring more news about President Benjamin Franklin Day. Stay tuned!

Who was born on July 29th?

July 29th is the day of cultural evaluation for those born on July 29th. People born on July 29th value the traits, potential, morals, and achievements of those around them. Furthermore, locals are capable of making forecasts about the spectacular dynamic occurrences that occur within a family, a firm, or an organization.

The culture of those born on July 29th is based on the concept that one should follow their heart. This means that people should do what makes them happy even if it goes against society's standards. For example, a person may be told not to drink alcohol but still do so anyway. There is also a belief that everyone has a soulmate in another lifetime who influences them greatly.

Those born on July 29th are creative, adaptive, and flexible. They believe that everything happens for a reason and that no situation is permanent. Because of this, they are able to deal with change well. In addition, those born on July 29th have high ideals and strong wills which help them become successful.

People born on July 29th are logical and practical. They like to look at all the different sides of a situation before making a decision. In addition, they don't mind working hard for what they want. All in all, those born on July 29th are responsible and willing to learn from their mistakes.

Boys are usually born on July 29th while girls are usually born on July 30th.

Who was born on November 19th?

"Famous Birthdays: November 19th" Celebrities (211)

Meg Ryan (*Nov 19, 1961)actressUS
Gene Tierney (*Nov 19, 1920)actressUS
James Garfield (*Nov 19, 1831)20th President of the United StatesUS
Ted Turner (*Nov 19, 1938)founder of CNNUS
Paracelsus (*Nov 19, 1493)alchemist, astrologer, physician, theologianCH

Zodiac Signs for November 19th As a Scorpio born on November 19th, you are likely to be renowned for your compassionate yet resolute character.

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