Who was the founder of the Seeing Eye?

Who was the founder of the Seeing Eye?

Dorothy Harrison Eustis, dog breeder and creator of The Seeing Eye, poses with Parole and Nancy, two dogs trained at the school to guide blind persons in New Jersey, on September 7, 1933. (Photo courtesy of AP) Dorothy Harrison Eustis had seen a lot of spectacular things from canines as a police dog trainer, but carrying a blind person around city streets? That was something else again. So when she read about an abandoned Belgian shepherd who could see well enough for his owner to quit hitting him, she decided to try it out for herself. The first Seeing Eye Dog was born.

Eustis bought the dog for $125 and named him Tom. He taught her to follow various scents that indicated different tasks, and soon she was guiding her master through town. When they came to a corner, Tom would stop and let Eustis know which way to turn; then he'd wait for her to give him further instructions. This game of "tag" continued until Eustis became tired or hungry, at which points they would stop and eat or sleep, respectively. In this way, Eustis said, she saved money on gas and got to experience all the sights of Philadelphia with someone she loved.

They were so popular that Eustis opened a school to train more dogs and people began sending in puppies and begging relatives to dump their pet dogs into her care. By the time she died in 1940, she had twenty-one dogs working with her; some estimates say there are still only six of them in existence today.

Who is the actress in the movie "Eye"?

"The Eye" is a supernatural horror/thriller about Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba), a talented violinist who lost her sight when she was five years old. Sydney, however, is eligible to undergo a corneal transplant treatment, which would restore her vision, thanks to advances in medical science. The problem is that the only donor eye available for her in the United States belongs to Elizabeth (Alicia Vikander), a Swedish tourist trapped in Australia after a car accident. Realizing there's no way for her to back out of the contract, Sydney decides to use her musical skills to play the organ as a substitute for the missing eye.

Alba has been nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for this role.

She started her career at age nineteen, when she played one of Elvis Presley's daughters in the film version of "The Last Picture Show". She followed it up by appearing in several television movies before being cast as Carla Espinoza on the ABC drama series "Sin City". In 2007, Alba appeared with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the comedy film "La La Land". Her next project is the action thriller "Violent Shit", directed by Eli Roth.

Here are some other famous people who have appeared in movies with Alicia Vikander: Meryl Streep, Lena Dunham, Gemma Arterton, Olivia Colman, Tilda Swinton, and Kristen Wiig.

What happened to Atown Eye?

In an Instagram post, A-Town discussed his eyes. The rising star revealed that he was born with just eyesight in his right eye and has spent his whole life wearing a prosthetic to compensate. So he took off his prosthetic and let the world see the real him for the first time. He wrote, "I'm happy I could show you all my face for a change."

His announcement comes after a string of other high-profile blind celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Lucy Liu, and Harley Quinn Smith. They have all gone public with their faces too.

Atwood said that letting people see his face for the first time was emotional but good. He added that he's not afraid of his blindness and will continue to share his story with others.

Blind since birth, Atwood became one of the world's most famous authors at the age of 31 when his novel The ATWT was published.

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